Developing Data Intelligence Solutions


Tradecraft AI develops data intelligence solutions for clients, providing access to our Deep Genesis™ platform for development of customized neural network models using AI-based deep learning to solve complex data problems for enterprises across the financial services industry. 

Our team consists of engineers and entrepreneurs specializing in data science, information analysis, mathematics, physics, and technology operations management. We are always on the lookout for great talent to join us in our awesome office in Palo Alto, California. 


Deep Genesis™ Platform

Deep Genesis™ managed platform removes the complexities facing developers and data scientist to harness powerful machine learning models at any scale. Utilizing a multitude of input datasets including structured, unstructured, and sentiment data, from thousands of connected sources, and a neural network decisioning system makes it simpler to implement numerous models delivering highly actionable data. Using disparate data sources enables the system to utilize computationally generated comparative models to determine highest efficiency in generating predictive estimations.


Deep Genesis™ Capabilities

Developed on open standards, it’s easy to write custom models using any of the popular deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, Keras, and more. Deep Genesis™ comes with a set of ready-to-use API’s for common data analysis implementations, including: text recognition, facial recognition, object identification, voice to text transcriptions, social fabric taxonomical classification, emotion detection, real-time analysis of structured, unstructured, and emotional/sentiment data. Combined with optimization to run on a variety of hardware platforms, ranging from Nvidia, Intel or Power, Deep Genesis™ delivers ultra-fast low latency analysis and extrapolation of key data that can be implemented across core implementations.

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Deep Genesis™ Datastream

Deep Genesis™ Datastream is our current product aimed at systematic and programmatic trading environments, this dataset aims, specifically to find an edge in higher return on investment.


Predictive data feed on US listed equities, ETF’s, cryptocurrencies for algorithmic and systematic trading


Over 3500 enterprise licenses for the Market Intelligence product


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